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Best Times To Fertilize Your Lawn

Valentine's Day.  Use a slow release 16-4-8 blend of fertilizer.

Labor Day.  Use 17-17-17 blend.  Also a great time to Lime, Plug, and Reseed your lawn.

Thanksgiving Day.  Use a blend of 18-24-12.  This helps to establish a great root system and to help it through the winter.

Fertlizer Quantities:  400-500 lbs./acre.

Lime Quantities:  40 lbs./1000 square feet.

Reseeding:  Use 50-100 lbs. of seed per acre.

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Besides regular mowing and fertilization, we also offer weed, insect, and backyard disease prevention and control.  We aerate and keep your trees and shrubs in top condition.
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